SDRL provides various on-site drug-testing products to meet the requirements of clients needing immediate results – usually within five minutes after a sample is tested.

Our single-strip and multi-panel drug-testing devices are rapid, visual and competitive immunochromatographic assays for the qualitative detection of drugs in human urine. Tests are based on immunoassay principles and designed specifically for the assay and identification of any drug in human urine. Furthermore, the multi-panel testing devices can be customized to the number and variety of drugs required.


On-site product drug tests correlate to in-house testing methods and samples can be forwarded to SDRL for verification testing. Certain cut-off levels are available for each drug and adulteration strips are provided on larger test panels to ensure that the urine samples have not been tampered.

For pricing and additional information on our instant drug-testing products, please contact us.