Toxicology Times is SDRL’s free newsletter for employees, operators and owners of substance abuse and opioid treatment programs. Its purpose is to provide information and education relating to drugs of abuse, drug-testing services/procedures and best practices for running a treatment program as effectively and efficiently as possible.

A new issue of Toxicology Times is posted to SDRL’s web site every month. In addition to a main theme/topic of interest, each issue of Toxicology Times answers a question posed to us from an industry peer something that may be extremely relevant to your program on a day-to-day basis. A short tip” or interesting fact is also provided every month in the Did You Know? section.

Feel free to print off and distribute Toxicology Times to your co-workers and colleagues or forward them the link to this page. If you have a submission for the “Question of the Month? section or a suggestion for a main theme in an upcoming issue, email

If you would like to be automatically notified when a new issue of Toxicology Times has been posted to this page, email your name, company name and either your fax number or email address to