SDRL is pleased to offer our clients a means of detesting drugs that allows for the use of a sample that is easy to collect and eliminates the opportunity for adulteration of subtitution – saliva _or oral fluid) testing. Alothough saliva contain smaller concentrations of drugs and their metabolties than the amounts seen in urine, we utilize special testing methods for sensitivity and specificily to measure the lower levels.

Benefits of saliva analysis drug testing include:

Ease of collection – the collection of oral fluid is a noninvasive gender-neutral means of acquiring a suitable specimen for analysis for drugs of abuse. In a matter of minutes, the sample is produced with direct observation that is not gender dependent.

Real time values – Oral fluid samples provide a good indication of recent drug use. Most drugs are present in the saliva for 1-2 days after use so positive tests will correspond with recent drug activity.

Elimination of adulteration and substitution possibilities – Since oral fluid samples are collected under direct observation, it is difficult for samples to be substituted or altered.

Chain of Custody – Once the oral fluid samples has been produced, it is secured in a container that is easily labeled and chain of custoday precautions can be applied.

In most cases, saliva drug testing results are provided within 48-72 hours of receipt and delivered via facsimile, SFTP or posted to SDRL’s client secure web site for immediate access.

Oral fluid collectors are available from SDRL and can be ordered by Contact us our client relations department. Labled and packaging/shipping materials are provided by SDRL at no cost.

The oral fluid collectors are available from SDRL Laboratory and can be ordered from the Client Relations Department.